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We The Licit Law is the India’s premier Cyber Laws & Information Technology Act, expertise firm in complete range of matters associated with Information Technology and Cyber laws lawyers firm in Delhi, together with information technology and strategic consulting services, financial Frauds, Media-Entertainment, e-Drafting, Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics & Privacy Law related law firm & Legal Consultants and are pioneers since the origination of the cyber, We are a team of country’s best Information Technology and Cyber Law lawyers in Delhi.

Cyber crimes will involve criminal activities that are traditional in nature, like theft, fraud, forgery, defamation and mischief, all of that are subject to the Indian penal code. The abuse of computers has conjointly born to a gamut of new age crimes that are addressed by the information Technology Act, 2000.

In the era of cyber world as the usage of computers became additional in style, there was expansion within the growth of technology likewise, and therefore the term ‘Cyber’ became more familiar to the individuals. The evolution of information Technology (IT) gave birth to the cyber house whereby net provides equal opportunities to all or any the people to access any information, data storage, analyze etc. with the use of technology  attributable to increase within the number of netizens, misuse of technology within the cyberspace was clutching up which gave birth to cyber crimes at the domestic and international level likewise.

Though the word Crime carries its general that means as “ a legal wrong that can be followed by criminal proceedings which can result into punishment ” whereas Cyber Crime is also “unlawful acts wherein the computer is either a tool or target or both.

We The Licit Law firm is the best Information technology and Cyber laws firm in Delhi, Our team comprises of extremely delicate and qualified professionals that include best cyber lawyers, IT experts, IT consultants and cyber forensics who have succeeded in resolution the foremost complicated cyber cases together with cyber crimes by operating in close association with Cyber Crime Cell of the Indian department of local government.

We have the practical expertise of dealing with contentious and non contentious work pertaining to cyber laws. Our best cyber lawyers team has with success portrayed clients in numerous cyber law related judicial proceeding together with cyber crime cases, cyber stalking.

  • Software Protection & Licensing
  • Data Protection
  • Cyber law related legal disputes
  • Domain names dispute resolution
  • B2B, B2C transactions
  • Child Pornography
  • Financial Crimes
  • E-Commerce
  • Technology transfer and technical assistance agreements
  • Investigation of Cyber crimes
  • Cyber Terrorism
  • Formation of contracts and legal vetting of web content
  • Hacking, Phishing, Cyber Stalking, Cyber Squatting
  • Credit card frauds
  • Online arbitration relating to cyber law issues
  • Resolving Jurisdictional issues